Eczema is a common inflammatory skin disorder.  Atopic dermatitis is one form of eczema, affecting millions of children and adults, especially individuals  with family history of asthma, hay fever or atopic dermatitis.  The skin may be red, thickened, and scaly.  The intensity of the itch can lead to lack of sleep and productivity.  Topical medications, light therapy, excimer laser, and biologic therapy can be used for eczema.  Dr. McClerklin is proficient at treating eczema, as well as other inflammatory skin diseases.


Psoriasis is an immune mediated skin disorder which often manifests as red, raised plaques with silvery scales. Psoriasis may affect all areas of the body, including scalp, nails, and joints. Psoriasis has widespread implications socially, physically, and psychologically. People with psoriasis are also at risk for other comorbidities, therefore this psoriasis should not be ignored. Treatments include topical medications, oral systemic drugs, light and laser therapy, and a host of effective biologic medications. Contact Dr. McClerklin to customize your treatment for this important chronic condition.

Keyloid Scars

Hyper Pigmentation