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Treat Your Double Chin

Submental fat, often referred to as a double chin, is very difficult to treat successfully.

SculpSure Submental, the new SculpSure attachment for treating double chins, brings hope to those patients who have tried many different approaches and failed. McClerklin Skin and Laser Center is proud to announce the first installation of this attachment in Columbia! This brand new attachment uses the same proven noninvasive laser technology as the existing, well-proven SculpSure body contouring system and uses the same specific wavelengths and heat to eliminate fat cells with this ergonomically-designed attachment.

Using a proprietary and easily-fixed support system, the handpiece is attached snugly and comfortably under the chin. The parameters are set, and the laser energy gently targets the fat cells to rid the submental area of stubborn and unsightly fat.

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How Does The Sculpsure Submental Work?

SculpSure Submental treatment uses gentle proprietary laser technology to melt away stubborn fat under the chin. This laser treatment raises the temperature of fat cells while still keeping the surface of the skin cool, so the surrounding skin isn’t damaged. In the weeks following SculpSure laser treatment, treated fat cells are eliminated through your body’s natural processes. Laser double chin treatment is safe for most skin types and is more inclusive with the possibility of treating patients with a higher BMI than other treatment options.


What Can I Expect During Sculpsure Submental Double Chin Treatment?

Each treatment to reduce a double chin lasts about 25 minutes. While patient experience may vary, the majority will require only two sessions spaced six weeks apart for best results, although some patients with stubborn submental fat may require more. Some side effects may include stinging and burning during the procedure and some bruising while healing, although this is not considered to be a painful procedure. Many people begin to see results six weeks following treatment, while it may take 12 weeks to reveal the best possible results. Since SculpSure is a noninvasive double chin treatment, you may return to your regular activities immediately, no downtime required.

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